How can Counselling help me ?

I am an experienced and professional BACP accredited counsellor offering support and talking therapy to individuals who need a safe, confidential and completely non-judgemental space to talk things through.

I specialise in supporting individuals through difficult times, with particular interests in generalised anxiety, food and eating issues, body image, self-esteem and confidence, bullying at work, relationship breakdown and mid-life crisis.

If you have been feeling anxious or overwhelmed about a problem or issue, especially if it is one of long-standing, I invite you to have a look at some of the resources on my website or just to get in touch via the form on the Contact page and we can arrange a phone call or meeting as soon as possible.

I offer a discounted first session at £40.00 for 30 minutes with the aim of giving you the chance to tell me a little about your current situation and to find out how counselling could help you move forward with it.

I practice from quiet premises in St Albans with free parking outside and have various daytime and evening slots available to new clients.

I offer Zoom and telephone counselling sessions, as well as face to face counselling in a ventilated practice room.  For the latter, please ensure you are both free of symptoms and regularly taking the free PCR tests now available from Chemists.  

Subject to weather, I offer outdoor walking counselling in my local area, the Woodland Park and Heartwood Forest.

Helen Stone Dip Couns MA PG Dip Psych MBACP (Accred) MNCS (Accred)

why choose us

Your sessions will be conducted in a relaxing, safe and quiet place in my practice close to St Albans.

You may request a discounted 1st session at the cost of just £40.00 which lasts for 30 minutes. It’ll give you the unique opportunity to discover how counselling could help you to deal with the problems that are impacting on your quality of life so that you can work on how you wish to move forward.

Qualified Professional Counsellor

I am accredited with both BACP and NCS and hold insurance with Balens.


Discounted Session

You can have an initial 1st session of 30 mins to ease you into the counselling journey.

No Long Waiting List

You’ll usually be able to get an appointment without much delay.

Unlimited Number of Sessions

You decide how long you wish to stay in counselling for, and block booking of sessions is also possible.

Happy To Help

It might seem like a big step to consult a counsellor :

….. but if you are feeling drained or defeated, or even persistently low from being caught up with something, counselling can be a great place to start to find that way forward again.

  • Unwanted thoughts
  • Feeling alone in relationship
  • Stuck in old patterns
  • Often put upon or overwhelmed
  • Relationship turning sour
  • No place for your anger

General Questions

Every client has their own unique combination of needs and hopes for their own emotional wellbeing and freedom from psychological pain.

Clients may feel better in a handful of sessions if the problems are relatively new, of a less ingrained nature and of the type that may respond well to short term therapy, such as making a decision around some life event or work choice.

I do not share any details or anything you tell me in our sessions with anyone else with the exception of if you were to tell me that you were considering self-harm or harming another person. In that rare circumstance

I work with individuals a on one to one basis although I am developing my practice to start working with couples later in the year.

About Me

My Diplomas are in Psychosynthesis and Psychodynamic Counselling and I also studied Homeopathic Medicine for a time. I am influenced in my work by the practice of Mindfulness, NLP, Emotional Freedom Tapping and Personal Coaching. And I am a life-long advocate for having whatever level of Yoga practice you can manage.

Much of my work now is around facilitating the recovery of my clients, who may have suffered in narcissistic and emotionally abusive relationships. Other issues that clients bring through the door concern work place psychology and bullying, disordered and erratic eating patterns, social and relationship difficulties, the complex feelings that arise at midlife, and the need for support through transition, change and loss.

About Me

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Helen Stone    Counsellor

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