Links & Information

This is the body with whom I trained and qualified, and I include a link to this site because it explains fully the Psychosynthesis psychotherapeutic process that all practitioners go through to be able to work effectively with their clients.

There is a further organisation that trains Psychosynthesis therapists and over the years, I have worked with their trainee practitioners.

This is a highly informative site written by Petra Guggisberg Nocelli, an Italian author who has written extensively on Psychosynthesis as a psychotherapeutic modality.  I include the link above to her short blog on Disidentification – essentially perspective building and a fundamental part of the therapeutic process.  I have not found a better description of this crucial part of the work than here, where she writes:

When we disidentify, we adopt the attitude of the observer, and can become the directors of our lives, emancipating ourselves from addictive and automatic behaviours. We can gain more and more freedom of movement: rather than “falling” mechanically into certain behavioural patterns, or subpersonalities, we can actively choose the most creative and adaptive attitudes to suit the situation.”

For those clients looking for couples counselling or psychosexual work, which I cannot currently offer in my practice, I can recommend a colleague working in this field.  Jason Oddi is an Integrative Counsellor and Psychosexual and Couples Therapist.

He works with clients in Central London NW1 (Mornington Crescent and Camden Town) and Central Brighton BN1.  There is more about his work here