Hypnotherapy is essentially a light trance state that has been used as a therapeutic tool for over a hundred years.  It’s perhaps more easily understood as that state of autopilot that we all experience at times when driving or walking somewhere familiar.

Who hasn’t ‘suddenly arrived’ at a destination having been so deep in thought that the actual detail of the journey wasn’t even registered?

In guided hypnosis, you experience yourself, fully in control and in a state of deep relaxation.  With your conscious mind momentarily eased you find yourself becoming completely available to hearing all the positive statements that you have been wanting your unconscious to take on board.

And the conscious mind, with all of its clutter and well-meaning sabotages, is temporarily suspended to give the unconscious part of you full rein to implement the changes you’ve chosen and possibly been wanting to make for some time.

Hypnotherapy is so effective for rapid change because it works on a deeper sub-conscious level that brings about sustainable results.

Hypnotherapy is great for specific problems and phobias too:

improving sleep or digestion

motivating weight loss

dealing with sugar cravings

stopping smoking

getting rid of any unwanted addictions or habits

improving confidence in public speaking

sports or performance based anxiety

fear of flying or fear in those situations where we may struggle with not being the one in control

…. to give just a flavour of it’s versatility


I include hypnotherapy as a part of my practice just because of its effectiveness and sometimes astonishing rapidity in releasing clients from unwanted problems and issues.

It’s a very simple process – the only commitment from the you is two x two hour sessions in which we establish and identify the exact nature of the issue and extract all of its meaning.

Hypnotherapy works so well because it uses YOUR way of wording YOUR EXPERIENCE so the script I then go onto write will incorporate your language in a way that will be recognisable to your unconscious mind when we come to the hypnotic suggestion part.

At the second session, we trial the script and if we are fully happy with it, I then give it you in audio form, usually by dropbox or email so that you will have a copy you can listen to on your phone, ipad or laptop.   You then use the tape for as long as you need, usually at home but in fact anywhere that is quiet, calm and free from distraction, to unravel the problem or issue.  If this is a long standing problem with sleep, for example, you may need to commit to listening to your tape at least once a day for a period of time.  Scripts about food and weight loss might be best played prior to meals.

Fees:  2 x 2 hour hypnosis session + taped personalised script     £120.00

Please feel free to call me, Helen Stone, on 07753 801372 if you’d like to find out more or book an appointment.

Here is a sample guided meditation which you may like to use to anchor and calm yourself at times of stress and anxiety.

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